In the Fall of 2015, Kelly Santiago addressed the Administrative Council with a concern—we talk a lot about mission and engaging our community, but most of the time, we don’t get much beyond writing checks. Giving is good, but she proposed we go a step further and “get our hands dirty.” To do so, she suggested we set aside the Fifth Sunday for “active worship.” We would forego some (most) of our “regular” time in worship, instead opening in prayer with a short encouraging word to get out to change the world for Christ!

Our first “5th Sunday” was scheduled for December (not on a fifth Sunday), and we gathered in the HHUMC Fellowship Hall to pack care packages for finals week for the students in the dorms at Eastern Maine Community College. The work began weeks before, collecting food and supplies to fill the packages, and ended with a group of folks delivering the care packages to campus mid-day on Sunday.

After the success of our first “5th Sunday” we agreed it was a great start—but it was just that—a start! The application here is for you to offer an idea and some leadership to make another contribution to the mission of HHUMC—a hands on action plan “to proclaim and share the glory of God’s boundless love in Jesus Christ to all.” Together, we can be disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples of Jesus Christ and who transform the world!

Please click here to download an application for a fifth Sunday project today!

The Rev. David A. Nicol, Pastor of Hampden Highlands UMC
Chair, Commission on Equitable Compensation,
The New England Conference of The United Methodist Church