If you are having a hard time enjoying this Christmas season, we invite you to attend our Blue Christmas worship service.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except when it’s not. For many reasons, the season where all is merry and bright can weigh heavy for us. A first holiday without a loved one, after a divorce or job loss, or while our own lives seem to be more than we can handle. The world around us wants a cheerful face and wishes us Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays at every turn. If you need some space for a reflective alternative, where it’s OK to admit that sometimes, Christmas is hard, overwhelming, or filled with mixed emotions, this simple, contemplative evening on the longest night of the year offers a place of peace, hope, and opportunity to let God meet us where we are. Offered in conjunction with North Brewer-Eddington UMC.

You can read more about the United Methodist Church’s Blue Christmas Service by clicking here.

Watch this short, but meaningful “Chuck Knows Church” video for more information about our Blue Christmas.