Please take note:

  • Youth Group: Our next meeting is May 22nd, 5:30-7 PM in the Youth Room.
  • Children’s Sunday: May 22nd! We will have our kiddos run the entire worship service. They will be singing “This Little Light of Mine” with the choir for the anthem.
  • The regularly scheduled celebration of Peace with Justice Sunday is May 22 for United Methodists, but we will wait one week to coincide with our 5th Sunday “Do Something” emphasis. This year, we will be engaging in 3 key activities for Peace with Justice.
  • Justice: We’ll be collecting supplies for the Hampden Neighborhood Food Cupboard—check the website and the HNFC Facebook page for updates!

    Peace: We’ll open in prayer for the persecuted Church and our broken and divided world, then we’ll break up for the rest of our worship time for one of three activities:

    The Justice Crew: We’ll be working to plant our garden to assure ongoing food for the hungry in our community later in the year (wear your gardening gear), or

    The Peace Patrol: We’ll pray for peace, and process in prayer and song through our community (bring your walking shoes), orThe Peace with Justice Prayer Team: Those who find bending or marching hard to handle can still help transform our world to be more like the Kingdom of God! Praying for Peace and preparing cards for those who need a touch of God’s love and grace!

    Together, we can touch our communities and change the world!

  • We need your help! Vacation Bible School would like to serve dinner this year for our kids and helpers! We will need church members to cook for us. If this is something you can do, please let Jessie know. There are 5 days of free dinners in it for you! VBS is July 31st through August 4th, 5-7 pm.


  • 05/19 Boss, Adam & Rawcliffe, Davis
  • 05/20 Wills, Bradford
  • 05/21 Osborne, Laura & Churchill, Kyle

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016 – Children’s Sunday! All Hands On Deck! – Worship Assistance

  • Lectors/Readers/Sermon: Sirion, Evan, Sam, Owen, Robin
  • Acolytes: Abraham
  • Greeters: Addie, Elise, Quinn, Asa, Iris & Orin
  • Ushers: Lydia, Rowan, Brooklyn, Sea & Riley
  • Counters: Gloria Lee & Marilyn Boulier
  • Fellowship: Nurture
  • Nursery Assistant: Linda M.

Sunday, May 29th, 2016 – Peace with Justice Sunday – Worship Assistance

  • Lector: Jessie Davis
  • Acolytes: Abraham Nicol & Caleb March
  • Greeter: Vicky Davis & Jeanne Stratton
  • Usher: Jim & Anne Tatgenhorst
  • Counters: Darla King & Gloria Lee
  • Fellowship: Outreach

Sunday, May 29th, 2016 – Sunday School

  • Do Something! – Pinwheels for Peace/Peace March